About me

My name is Carlos Alberto Carrasco Álvarez, I am a computer scientist by profession and photography is one of my passions. I live in Madrid, where I was born.

One of the places where I enjoy nature photography the most is in the Southeast Regional Park, especially in the areas of Velilla de San Antonio and Rivas-Vaciamadrid, although the Guadarrama National Park also stands out.

Apart from nature photography (Fauna and Landscapes), I really like night photography and portrait photography. It is in nature and portrait where, since 2021, I am more focused, although I do not stop learning another type of photography such as product.

I started, back in 1998, to photograph with a Nikon F65 mainly in Slides. 10 years later, I switched to the digital format with the Nikon D80, although it is not until 2017 that I began more seriously to train and take most of my photographs using the Nikon D500. I currently belong to different photography associations. Specifically, the Spanish Association of Nature Photographers (AEFONA) and Nature Photographers of Madrid (FONAMAD).